Heart of Holly Rose

Have you ever caught yourself wondering what it would be like to wander through your brain or take a tour of your heart?

Somehow I have always been fascinated with this concept, this idea of our own inner labyrinth.  Over the years I have constructed my personal folklore and in the process my body has become more my own. My heart has taken on texture, form, shadow, space and a world of detail.  It has become an interesting practice, one that I like to think of as inhabiting my heart fully.

In my time spend therein I have learned that as humans we resist the temptation to see beauty in ourselves. In fact, most people find it extremely challenging to extend to themselves the same generosity that they extend to a stranger, let alone the compassion they extend to their best friend.

This is not class ware fare, nor is it age specific.  While women seem to experience this with greater veracity than men, men are not excluded from the self-deprecating party. Listen to women shopping or visiting anywhere in the western world and you will hear this dynamic in play. It’s no different for a model, an actor or a well known personality, we all hold a different mirror up for ourselves than we do for those we care about.

Sometimes we all need to be reminded of how truly spectacular and alive we are. We need this held up in front of us to remind us to be our own best friend too, because kindness shouldn’t be something that only exists outside of oneself.

Each one of us has powerful stories to tell. Beauty takes a multitude of forms and lifting society’s perceived narrow view allows us to take in a grander appreciation for not only ourselves but it enriches our connection with the world we live in.

As a visual storyteller, it is a gift to be able to hold up the mirror, remind us all of the beauty we embody in every stage and at every age.

Photographs are often the milestones that help mark our lives, I feel very blessed to weave rich tapestries with the stories that take their place in front of my lens.