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A photograph is worth more than a thousand words.  It transcends  cultural boundaries like language and is universally accessible to any curious pair of eyes.  This is one of the amazing parts of being a model and visual artist.      It also raises a few questions. Does your book truly represent the facets of your talent? Does it read like a cohesive visual story?

To create images of impact for your portfolio we can have an in-depth discussion about the strengths and area of opportunity in your current book.  This will allow us to identify exactly what kind of images need to be added to balance out your book for maximum impact. Whether you are looking to add a beauty image to your book or create a variety of scenes and set-ups, you are in the right place.


The Session

We will work through 4-6 looks for a wide variety of looks to serve manifold purposes.  Generally speaking I encourage people to bring more clothes than they think are necessary. I like to help guide your choices and having lots to look through helps this process. It is important to only bring clothes that you feel fabulous in. If you don’t like it , don’t bring it.

We may choose to include a beauty shot and an editorial fashion shot. Our consultation will give us the direction we need. You and I will go through the images as we shoot and by session end we will have shot 250-350 images with 75-100 final shots that you approve for candidates for marketing purposes.



I recommend bringing between 10-15  tops (bottoms are only necessary if we are shooting 3/4 or a full length shot). It’s pretty much a guarantee that if you feel good in something, you will look in it too.  Of course the same can be said of an outfit that you are uncomfortable in, even if you think you should feel good in something- if you don’t, don’t bring it. Have fun with your favorites Trust me.



Women— Makeup for the session is required for all women.  The cost is $200.  In order to enhance your natural beauty, makeup works with my lighting system to give you a very natural, fresh look. We can adjust your makeup throughout your session to give you some subtle variety and build up intensity as we progress through your looks. Of course we can pump up the volume and customize your look for a beauty shot and editorial images.

If you prefer you can also book Holly Rose as your Makeup Artist. The kit fee is $150. (Approximately 90% of the images currently in the Beauty section of feature the Makeup Artistry of Holly Rose)


Hair- We ask that you arrive with your hair audition-ready.  You are your own best stylist when it comes to hair, you are familiar with working with it on a daily basis.  Bring extra product to keep it going strong and feel free to bring products/accessories to change it’s shape. We can bring a stylist on set for beauty shoots and other shoots as needs dictate. Anything can be arranged, so let us know your preference and we can make it happen.


Men-  You can hire a makeup artist if you feel you need grooming on the shoot  but it is not required. The cost for men is $150.  Also, for those guys who grow decent scruff / want to market another look,  come in with a some growth and then shave after we have covered the gruffy look. This is a favorite trick to really get some variety out of your look. So bring your shaving kit and get prepared for some great fun!




I highly recommend a consultation for model shoots.  Take full advantage of this planning session to get the most out of your shoot. We will talk location, looks and color schemes.  Usually this is booked one or two weeks prior to your session and lasts 30 minutes.



The cost of this session is $600.  Half of your session fee is ($300) due at the time booking and is non-refundable. The remaining amount plus any sales tax will be required on the day of your session prior to starting. After working with me once you are eligible for our loyalty client benefits to which offer mini sessions at a lovely reduction. I accept cash, cheques, Interact and Visa. All cheques can be made payable to Holly Rose Photography. Makeup Artists accept cash on the day of shooting.



(a note on gear)

My studio uses only the finest Nikon gear  I shoot with a Nikon D3 which produces pristine 24 MB files paired with only the sharpest f2.8 lenses. I utilize White Lightening Studio Lights, Alien B Ring Lights, with a great variety of light modifiers.  For extra flexibility we also use battery packs which give us great portability. Long story short, I’m a bit of a gear-head but you don’t have to know the details to know it’s all gravy.



My retouching services are handled by the best in the business, they leave nothing to chance and the finished result is perfection.  I do not release high-resolution images directly to my clients, because of my commitment to quality. This means you will be working with my lab for retouching and printing,.  The retouching price per image is $45 .  These guys are great folks who will give you excellence guidance.



Just on the edge of Vancouver’s historic Gastown, is the artist community of Railtown.


Holly Rose Photography

Railtown Studios

321 Railway Street (at Gore)

Studio #410


Vancouver, BC

V6A 1A6


Phone: 604.564.4446



While we have covered lots of ground, please feel free to contact me with any questions or call and come around for a consultation.  I look forward to chatting with you!




Holly Rose